Water Is Life

WATERisLIFE straw filters have been distributed by teams in:


North America:  Mexico, Belize, Haiti, Dominican Republic

South America:  Peru, Columbia, Ecuador, Brazil, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala

Africa:  Kenya, Uganda, DRC, Ghana, Knysna, Liberia, Mozambique, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Sudan, Southern Sudan, Swaziland, South Africa

East:  India, Indonesia, China, Japan

Middle East:  United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan


WATERisLIFE is proud of their efforts over the past four years to dramatically expand program development and funding, WiL volunteer staff and in country partnerships.  We have distributed over 60,000 WiL personal water filters in 32 countries and have distributed filters during emergency/disaster relief initiatives through USAID.  WATERisLIFE has repaired pumps, drilled wells, provided in home filters, installed water systems and has provided WASH programs in villages, schools and clinics.  Our volunteer staff has researched and developed three targeted WiL program areas - 334 villages in Kenya, Ghana and Haiti  - for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) transformation.  And we are just getting started.